What is Montessori?
The Nursery

We believe that the time your child spends at Sticky Fingers will be enormously valuable in preparing them for the more formal structure of school.

We will develop an integrated personality; confident, independent and considerate towards others, where each child will be allowed to develop at their own pace.

What is Montessori?

Maria Montessori was a Doctor of philosophy born in the 1800’s: she saw in children a natural approach to the world that surrounds them, studied their needs and became renowned for her radical approach to education. The essence of the Montessori Method is to allow children the freedom to explore their prepared surroundings and become independent individuals.

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Day to day examples of this approach are things such as encouraging the children to put on their own coats, put away their toys and equipment after use, be courteous to their friends and other people and respect their environment. The approach involves more than we can explain here but we are always available to discuss this further if you want more information.
 Here are some links that offer more information about Montessori: Association Montessori Internationale | Montessori Society AMI (UK)

  • We were lucky to find Sticky Fingers, Jeannie and her team were always helpful and friendly. Keeping me updated on all Peter's new skills and activities of which he has gained many.
Peter had the best start in life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


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